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NP205 parts

NP205 input conversion Kit:
Convert your male input NP205 to a TH400 version 32 spline short female input gear.  Kit includes new input gear, input bearing, input bearing snap rings and a complete seal and gasket kit.  Requires machine work on the NP205 case to install, the input bearing bore must be enlarged by 10mm compared to the small bearing.     
#GU4033 - $190.00      
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NP205 Complete Rebuild Kit:

Full Rebuild kit for NP205, includes a seal and gasket kit

For GM NP205's, all are the smaller (80mm) input bearing expect 205's coupled to TH400 automatics (all years) and SM465 manual transmissions from 85-91 K30's (these use the round bolt pattern on the 205) which use the larger (90mm) bearing.

For Dodge NP205's, all are the smaller (80mm) input bearing except 205's behind Getrag 5 speed manual transmissions in 89-93 Dodge Cummins equipped trucks.  Married Dodge 205's use a special (and unfortunately kind of expensive) front output seal, see below.  That will need to be added in addition to the rebuild kit.

For Ford NP205's, married versions use the large (90mm) input bearing and divorced versions use the smaller (80mm) input bearing.

NP205 Rebuild kit for larger 90mm input bearing - #GU4081-L   $190.00   Buy Now

NP205 Rebuild kit for smaller 80mm input bearing - #GU4081-S   $190.00    Buy Now

Married Dodge NP205 front output seal - #DU4012 - $22   Buy Now


NP205 Seal and Gasket Kit:

Complete seal and gasket kit, covers any NP205 (includes figure 8 adapter gasket but no adapter seals),
Dodge NP205's require special front output seal noted below
#GU4082 - $35.00  
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Married Dodge NP205 front output seal - #DU4012 - $22   Buy Now

Adapter Reseal Kits

TH350/205 systems commonly fill the 205 with ATF because of bad seals, so we came up with a kit to re-seal the adapter system. 
#GU4020 - $25  Buy Now


Reseal kit for figure 8 TH400/NP205 ('84 and older) adapter system
#GU4039 - $30  Buy Now


Reseal kit for SM465/figure 8 ('84 and older) NP205 adapter system
#GU4017 - $25

NP205 output shafts:

We now have NEW 32 spline front output shafts for the NP205.  The 32 spline shaft is a big strength upgrade over the early GM 10 spline and is also stronger than the GM 30 spline shaft.  Another big advantage for the 32 spline front output is the fact that you can get just about any yoke you want for it since it takes the same yokes as a 205 rear output.

NEW 32 spline front output shaft for NP205, direct swap into most GM 205's, fits rare 80's syncro 205 with additional parts  #GU4083 - $135.00 
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Call for availability on 10 or 30 spline front output shafts if you need one.

NEW NP205 Fixed yoke rear output shaft, 32 spline.  The later design with the smaller oil cut-outs, these are beefier than most NP205 rear output shafts at the weakest point! - #GU4085-B - $160    Buy Now

Used NP205 slip yoke rear outputs are available, call 970-945-7777

New NP205 shift clutch/collar - #GU4087 - $49/each  Buy Now

New NP205 shift fork - #GU4088 - $25/each  Buy Now


Billet rear output bearing retainer for NP205, not just for looks, but also a much beefier piece than factory.  Includes seal, gasket and hardware.  GU4085-C - $95  Buy Now

NP205 Input gears:

New '84 and older TH400 version 32 spline short input #GU4037 - $135      Buy Now


'85-91 TH400 version 32 spline long input #GU4037-Long - $293      Buy Now

New TH350 version 27 spline male input #GU4023 - $155     
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(used gears sometimes available, call for pricing)

SM465 version 10 spline male input - New or used gears available, call for pricing.

**NEW** Dodge 29 spline male input gear for NP205 #DU4010 - $220    Buy Now


**NEW** Female 29 spline NP205 input gear, useful for adapting NP205 to Allison, Chevy ZF6, 6L90E, NV4500/5600 and G56.  Call us for details

Divorced 32 spline input gears - used gears sometimes available, call for pricing

Used Ford 31 spline input gears are available, call for pricing

Used Dodge 23 spline input gears are sometimes available, call for pricing


Drive Sleeves

NEW 10 Spline drive sleeve for '84 and older SM465/NP205 #GU4011 - $81     Buy Now
**Does not fit any other 10 spline transmission or transfer case**


NEW 27 Spline drive sleeve for TH350/NP205 #GU4022 - $95     Buy Now

NEW 29 Spline drive sleeve for Dodge Getrag and NV4500 to NP205 applications #DU4011 - $130 Buy Now

NEW 27x10 Spline drive sleeve to use a 10 spline NP205 (from behind an SM465) behind a TH350 transmission, below are two pictures of each side of the single drive sleeve, seal included
#GU4022-A - $141    Buy Now


NEW 10x27 Spline drive sleeve to use a 27 spline NP205 (from behind a TH350) behind an SM465 transmission, pictured are both ends of the single drive sleeve
#GU4011-A - $141    Buy Now


NP205 slip yoke output conversion kit:

Some later model NP205's came with a slip yoke rear output that's generally less desirable than a fixed yoke type output.  We have a kit that includes a new output shaft, new output seal housing/bearing retainer and the seals and gaskets necessary to install the parts.  The output shaft is a stock part and accepts all stock output yokes and virtually any aftermarket 32 spline yoke.

NP205 slip yoke conversion kit - #GU4085 - $250   
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AND...  Check out our Transfer case shifters, including our new NP205 twin stick,
our NP203 twin stick, Doubler shifters and floor mount shifters!


NP203 parts

NP203 Rebuild Kits:

NP203 Range box rebuild kit, bearings/gaskets/seals for the gear box only - #GU4091 - $95    Buy Now

NP203 Input Gears:

New 27 spline (TH350/700R4/4L60E) NP203 input gear - #GU4025 - $125

New 32 spline (TH400/4L80E/NV4500/late SM465) NP203 input gear - #GU4031 - $155    Buy Now

Used 31 spline (Ford) NP203 input gear - Call us

Used 10 spline (SM465) input gear - Call us

Used 23 spline (Dodge) input gear - Call us



1350 - 32 Spline U-Joint Yoke, U-Bolt Style with U-bolts, 205, Cast, Import - $65  Buy Now

1350 - 32 Spline U-Joint Yoke, U-Bolt Style with U-bolts, 205, Forged, Made in the US - $104  Buy Now

1410 - 32 Spline U-Joint Yoke, U-Bolt Style with U-bolts, Made in the US - $104  Buy Now

NEW!  We now have yokes for the later GM 203 and 205 30 spline stock front outputs

1350 - 30 Spline U-Joint Yoke, U-Bolt Style with U-bolts, Forged, Made in the US - $125  Buy Now

1410 - 30 Spline U-Joint Yoke, U-Bolt Style with U-bolts, Forged, Made in the US - $125  Buy Now

32 spline flat flange, made in the US - $95  Buy Now


Lomax 3:1 gearsets

**Not currently available, no ETA**

The Lomax kit converts your NP205 from a 2:1 low range to 3:1!  A complete replacement case is included with the kit as the deeper gears do not fit a factory case.  The Lomax gears are available for GM/Dodge applications only, Lomax 3:1 gears are not available for Ford NP205's.

The Lomax case is drilled for both the figure 8 and the 6 bolt round patterns and 10, 27 and 32 spline input gears are available.  There are no divorced options available for the Lomax gears.

The Lomax kit is a great option for applications that need to be very short, where adding a gear box in front of the 205 is too long.  The Lomax kit is also a great way to get the rare 6 bolt round face pattern.  If you can add an auxiliary gear box (like our 203/205 doubler or our Magnum underdrive) those are typically more cost effective and you get more out of it.

Price is $1629, you will need shift rails, clutch rings, output shafts etc from an NP205 to completely assemble a Lomax 205.  We can build you a complete Lomax 205 as well, call or email for details.




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